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4 Fundamental Principles of Building Wealth & Financial Freedom


Take control over your Finances, Track Spending, be Ready for the unexpected, give yourself a raise, save for the future, plan your dream vacation.

  - Get Rid of the Waste

   - Take Control of your Spending

   - Give Yourself a Raise

  - Be Ready for The Unexpected


Reduce Debt, Eliminate Waste, and Build Credit

   - Understanding Debt

   - Strategies for Debt Elimination

   - Eliminate Waste

   - Building Good Credit

  - STOP Working For Creditors


Secure what you have, Recover from loss, Leave an inheritance .

  - Don’t Forget About GAP

  - Recover From Loss Pain Free

  - Protecting Your Investments

  - Leaving an Inheritance for the next Generation


Put your money to work for you, Build Wealth, Fire Your Job, and Become Financially Free!

 - Pathways To Wealth

 - Put Your Money to Work

 - Understanding risk and return

 - The Side Hustle

About Dan


Dan Johnson has 28 years in business, 30 years in ministry, and 25 years in youth mentorship. He has the experiences, failures, and successes that embodies one of the most compelling personal stories you will ever hear. Dan Johnson has marked over 2500 speaking engagements, empowering tens of thousands of people worldwide with his message of hope, wisdom, and empowerment.

Dan has successfully owned & operated over 10 businesses in multiple industries. As a business coach, leadership consultant, real estate investor, author, and inspirational speaker, Dan has helped hundreds of business owners, leaders, and individuals across the globe to Scale successful businesses, build strong organizations, while empowering individuals to live a better life. As a ministry leader, Dan has assisted several churches and senior pastors in leadership development, economic development, entrepreneurship development, civic engagement, and financial literacy education.

Through his passion for mentorship, Dan has mentored over 1500 at-risk young men helping them to overcome and succeed. Dan is the 

  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude, Bachelor's in Business Administration & Organizational Leadership

  • Licensed Real Estate Broker

  • Licensed Insurance Agent

  • National Business Manager for United Covenant Churches of Christ (18 Years)

  • Chairman of Financial Literacy & Community Involvement for Alpha Phi Alpha Incorporated, Inc.

  • Financial Consultant for Cornerstone Christian School

President & CEO of NRS, Inc. a 7 figure real estate development company & the Executive Director of The Empowerment Center, a non-for profit organization that has provided thanksgiving meals for over 20,000 people and Christmas for more than 2500 children. Dan’s personal experiences, business acumen, ministerial and professional success, certifies him to be a captivating authority and voice in any setting on any platform.

 My Money Score 

Where Strategy Meets Fun!

"My Money Score" is not just a game; it's a financial adventure!

Gather your friends and family, roll the dice, and watch as you navigate through the ups and downs of the dynamic financial landscape. From savvy investments to unexpected expenses, every move counts in this exciting board game designed to challenge your financial prowess.

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